Why do Bedsores Occur?

What Causes Bedsores? Why do Bedsores Occur?

Bedsores occur because of unrelieved pressure on a patient’s skin. Bedsores happen when an area of skin breaks down and forms a hole. Pressure on the skin minimizes the blood from flowing through the person’s skin. Without enough blood, the skin can die and a bedsore occurs in the dead skin area.

Bedsores are likely to occur in patient’s that are not able to ambulate on their own. Specifically:

  • Wheelchair bound patients frequently develop bedsores
  • Bedsores occur in patient’s stuck in bed that have not been turned and repositioned
  • Bedsores happen in older adults
  • Bedsores are a frequent occurrence in patients with spinal diseases such as multiple sclerosis
  • Patients that have afflictions that affect blood flow, including diabetes or vascular disease, may develop bedsores
  • Bedsores occur in patient’s with alzheimer’s disease or dementia because they do not always feel the unrelieved pressure
  • Bedsores happen in patients who are incontinent and cannot control their bladder/bowel. The bedsores often become infected in these kinds of patients
  • Bedsores occur in patients who are malnourished or dehydrated.

Bedsores are preventable if the staff turns and repositions the patient properly. If your loved one has developed a bedsore in a hospital or a bedsore in a nursing home, demand answers! Contact a bedsore lawyer and file a bedsore lawsuit to demand accountability for the patient neglect.

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