Why bring a nursing home neglect lawsuit?

Why sue a nursing home for that bedsore on your father’s buttocks?

The bottom line is that nursing home owners care about the bottom line.

The days of mom and pop owned nursing homes are gone. More commonly, these nursing homes are part of a large national chain of nursing homes that are focused only on corporate profits. The nursing home care staff are completely disconnected from the corporate owners who enjoy the facility’s profits. And unfortunately the formula for maximizing nursing home profits is to pack the facility with nursing home residents while cutting facility staff levels. This is a formula for disaster.

Decubitus ulcers (bed sores) develop because of low staff levels in hospitals and nursing homes. While it is true, a dollar amount cannot remedy the harm done by pressure sores, it does send a message to the nursing home / hospital owners: pressure sores are not acceptable. This message resonates with owners when they see that understaffing cuts into their profit margins.

Bringing a decubitus ulcer lawsuit is the only way for decubitus ulcer victims to obtain the justice they deserve. A bedsore lawsuit accomplishes this goal by holding the facility owners responsible for the patient neglect. Fill out the questionnaire to your right to get in touch with a qualified pressure sore lawyer and determine if you have a case.

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