What is a Pressure Sore (Decubitus Ulcer)?

A decubitus ulcer (or pressure sore or bedsore) is a wound that develops when a person puts pressure on an area of their skin for an extended amount of time. Most people are able to shift their position and relieve the pressure on their skin. However, many nursing home and hospital patients are unable to shift position, due to paralysis, dementia or some other illness. If a person is unable to turn and reposition themselves, it is incumbent on the nursing home or hospital staff to turn and reposition that person every 2 hours.

Pressure sores develop from neglectful staff failing to turn and reposition the resident or patient. If you or a loved one suffered from a pressure sore, fill out the inquiry form to the right and a qualified nursing home neglect attorney will contact you regarding your options in dealing with a decubitus ulcer.

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