What is a Coccyx Decubitus Ulcer?

Decubitus Ulcer on the Coccyx – Coccygeal Decubitus Ulcer

What is a coccyx decubitus ulcer? A coccyx decubitus ulcer is a pressure sore on the patient’s tailbone, right above the butt crack. Coccyx decubitus ulcers develop due to patient neglect. Decubitus ulcers on the coccyx are typically caused because a patient is left sitting in bed for hours or days at a time. This is why coccyx decubitus ulcers are commonly referred to as “bedsores”.

Preventing Coccyx Decubitus Ulcers

Prevention of coccygeal decubitus ulcers is simple; a patient must be turned and

coccygeal decubitus ulcer

Picture of a Coccyx Decubitus Ulcer in a Hospital

repositioned at least every 2 hours. If nursing home or hospital staff fails to offload pressure on the coccyx, the patient develops coccyx decubitus ulcers. Because this kind of patient neglect is so preventable, coccyx decubitus ulcers common result in decubitus ulcer lawsuits.

Coccyx Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuits – Coccyx Decubitus Ulcer Lawyer

If you or a loved one developed a coccyx decubitus ulcer, you should look into filing a decubitus ulcer lawsuit with a qualified decubitus ulcer lawyer. For more information of a coccyx decubitus ulcer lawsuit, contact (561) 316-7207.

Coccygeal Decubitus Ulcers – Treatment Options

Decubitus ulcers on the coccyx can act as a gateway for disease and bacteria, due to the proximity to the patient’s anus. It is important to remember that a coccyx decubitus ulcer is on the tailbone, so it is in a region that is laden with bacteria. Unfortunately, many patients who suffer with coccygeal (coccyx) decubitus ulcers are also incontinent. This means they cannot control their bladder or bowel. This forms a recipe for disease. The coccyx decubitus ulcer is an open door to infection and the patient’s feces and urine can seep into the open wound. This can have lethal consequences so it is important that the patient get medical treatment for the coccyx decubitus ulcer, keep their wounds clean, and change their adult diapers frequently.

What to do if You or a Family Member Developed a Coccyx Decubitus Ulcer

A decubitus ulcer on the coccyx is a serious health risk. If you or a family member have a coccyx decubitus ulcer you should inquire into your rights relating to a nursing home abuse case or a hospital patient neglect case. Look into a decubitus ulcer lawsuit with a qualified decubitus ulcer lawyer. For more information of a coccyx decubitus ulcer lawsuit, contact (561) 316-7207.

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