Manor Care Lawsuit Information – Suing HCR ManorCare for Nursing Home Neglect

Manor Care Lawsuit Information – Who is Manor Care?

Manor Care is a national, for-profit nursing home chain that manages nursing homes in 32 states. Manor Care nursing homes operate under various names, including but not limited to HCR ManorCare nursing homes, Heartland Manor Care nursing homes and Arden Court Manor Care nursing homes. The Manor Care nursing home chain employs over 62,000 employees and produces record-breaking nursing home profits for its corporate shareholders. Lawsuits are commonly filed against the Manor Care chain of nursing homes for nursing home abuse and resident neglect.

Suing a Manor Care Nursing Home for Poor Care

Nationally, Manor Care nursing home ratings are below average. As a for-profit corporation, Manor Care nursing homes try to max out their patient load while keeping a minimal staff onsite at the nursing home. Nationally, Manor Care nursing homes are rated as follows:

  • ManorCare Overall Rating: 20 out of 45 stars (i.e. a 44% rating)
  • ManorCare Health Inspections Rating: 16 out of 45 stars (i.e. a 36% rating)
  • ManorCare Nursing Home Staffing Rating: 26 out of 45 stars (i.e. a 58% rating)
  • ManorCare Quality Measures Rating: 34 out of 45 stars (i.e. a 76%)

Common Manor Care Lawsuit Injuries

The following nursing home neglect injuries that occur at Manor Care facilities commonly lead to nursing home lawsuits:

  • Decubitus Ulcers (pressure sores)
  • Nursing Home resident falls
  • Nursing home resident dehydration & malnutrition
  • Wrongful death at a Manor Care nursing home facility

If you or a loved one has been injured at a Manor Care nursing home, ALF or hospice facility, take action now. Nursing home neglect has reached epidemic proportions in this country and the only way it can be remedied is to report the abuse. Tell someone, report the nursing home neglect, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer and look into filing your nursing home neglect lawsuit.

Valuing My Manor Care Nursing Home Lawsuit – What is my Manor Care Case Worth?

There is no set way to determine how much a Manor Care lawsuit is worth. Every Manor Care case is valued separately based on the case facts. Here are some past Manor Care lawsuit verdicts and Manor Care case settlements involving nursing home neglect:

  • $91.5 Million Verdict against an Illinois Manor Care facility.  An Eighty Seven year old female was admitted to an Illinois Manor Care nursing home. She was capable of independently ambulating (walking). Within 25 days of her admission to the Manor Care facility, she died due to nursing home neglect. Even though she could walk on her own, Manor Care staff kept her in a wheelchair. Manor Care staff failed to provide her basic needs such as water, food and bathing. The Manor Care neglect lawsuit was so enraging that the Illinois jury awarded a verdict of $11,500,000 in compensatory damages, plus an additional $80,000,000 in punitive damages and $11.5 million in compensatory damages. Manor Care is a national nursing home chain so verdicts like these can be collected. This is why Manor Care often settles cases as opposed to letting a jury determine a Plaintiff’s damages.
  • $72,500 Manor Care Settlement from a Pennsylvania ManorCare nursing home. The resident-Plaintiff suffered a stroke so a feeding tube was put in place. While a resident at Manor Care in Pennsylvania, the Plaintiff developed several decubitus ulcers. The decubitus wounds on the resident’s sacrum and heel deteriorated into sepsis which caused the Plaintiff’s death.
  • $350,000 Manor Care Facility Settlement in Pennsylvania. The Plaintiff required a feeding tube due to her inability to chew food independently. The Plaintiff sued a Pennsylvania Manor Care in a wrongful death case because the Manor Care staff dislodged the feeding tube, causing subsequent infection and death.
  • $650,000 Settlement against Florida Manor Care nursing home. This nursing home lawsuit involved a Florida Manor Care facility that neglected a resident for so long that they developed Stage IV pressure ulcers on their buttocks. The Stage IV pressure sores deteriorated and became infected. The Manor Care resident later died of sepsis.
  • $175,000 Manor Care Settlement from a New York HCR facility. During her transport to an offsite doctor, an elderly Manor Care resident suffered a debilitating fall while staff was assisting her walk to the car. As a result of the fall, she developed bilateral femur fractures and a hip fracture, as well as permanent injury to her lungs.
  • $550,000 Settlement from a Manor Care nursing home in Florida. Plaintiff suffered an unsupervised fall in the Manor Care nursing home in South Florida. When she was found by Manor Care staff, she was stuffed back in bed. Plaintiff’s injuries (hip fracture from the fall) were discovered by the Plaintiff’s children 2 days after the fall.
  • $275,000 Settlement from an Oklahoma Manor Care nursing home. The Oklahoma nursing home settlement was confidential so further info is unavailable.
  • $54 Million Verdict against a New Mexico Manor Care Nursing Home.  Plaintiff died of gastrointestinal bleeding that occurred over a week+ period. The New Mexico Manor Care nursing home allegedly altered the nursing home records and/or destroyed evidence. A New Mexico jury awarded $54,000,000 to the family of the Plaintiff due to the Manor Care nursing home abuse.
  • $500,000 Settlement from an Illinois Manor Care facility.  Plaintiff suffered a stroke and after being discharged from the hospital, she was admitted to an Illinois Manor Care for rehab purposes. She was admitted with a small stage 1 pressure sore.  This tiny skin opening
  • $90,000,000 in West Virginia Lawsuit against Manor Care Nursing Home. A West Virginia woman was admitted to a Manor Care facility with Alzheimer’s and experienced functional decline as a result of Manor Care’s neglect.

If your loved one developed decubitus ulcers, dehydration or suffered a fall while a resident at a Manor Care nursing home, call 561-316-7207 to speak with a nursing home abuse attorney and learn more about your potential case against Manor Care.


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