Sudocrem Treats Decubitus Ulcers

Does Sudocrem treat decubitus ulcers? Many users of the Sudocrem product say yes, they help the healing of decubitus ulcers.

Sudocrem Background

Sudocrem moisturizes the effected area of the skin and keeps the skin intact. Even though Sudocrem is commonly used to heal baby diaper rash, the moisturizing and soothing components are helpful in healing and treating decubitus ulcers. Elderly nursing home residents

Sudocrem and decubitus ulcer

Sudocrem cream can be used to heal decubitus ulcer

 and hospital patients often have frail skin. This frail skin leads to decubitus ulcers if elderly patients are not turned and repositioned properly. Sudocrem helps elderly patients skin intact by creating a protective barrier of the effected pressure area.

Sudocream to Treat and Prevent Decubitus Ulcers

Sudocrem can be used to prevent or treat decubitus ulcers. Sudocrem commonly is used in incontinent nursing home residents who cannot control their bowel/bladder. The Sudocrem solution is applied to the effected skin area where the decubitus ulcer is forming.  Unfortunately, Sudocrem does not heal severe decubitus ulcers, like a Stage 4 Decubitus Ulcer. If your loved one suffers from a severe, late-stage decubitus ulcer (Stage 3 or 4 ulcer), she or he will likely need a surgical debridement of the decubitus ulcer wound.

Decubitus Ulcers = Elder Neglect and Abuse

If you or a loved one suffers with a decubitus ulcer, do something about the elder neglect. Call (561) 316-7207 to speak with a qualified decubitus ulcer lawyer about your valuable decubitus ulcer lawsuit.


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