Pressure Sore Jury Verdicts

Jury verdicts in pressure sore cases are often in the millions of dollars. Pressure sore lawsuits often settle for hundreds of thousand of dollars.The reason jury verdicts in pressure sore trials are so high is because pressure sores are a preventable tragedy with grave health consequences.

A recent nursing based website discusses monumental pressure sore jury verdicts in an article on the importance of prevention of pressure sores. The educational article says “Pressure sores cause pain and suffering to healthcare clients, and can significantly increase the cost of patient care. Jury awards stemming from pressure sores have reached millions of dollars.”

The nursing website details the following pressure sore jury verdicts:

1. A Mississippi nursing home resident was awarded $7 million pressure sore jury verdict stemming from her pain and suffering associated with pressure sores.

2. A nursing home resident from Texas developed severe Stage 4 pressure sores. She died from the pressure sores while at the nursing home. The estate of the deceased nursing home resident received a pressure sore jury verdict of $3.5 million.

3. A South Carolina nursing home Plaintiff developed bilateral infected pressure sores on his butt cheeks. The pressure sore case proceeded to trial and the jury verdict was $4.4 million.

4. A Florida jury returned a pressure sore jury verdict of $1.2 million against a Florida

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nursing home. The large jury verdict was based on a pressure sore case where the Plaintiff was neglected for hours at a time in his wheelchair. As a result of the nursing home neglect, the Plaintiff developed a gaping Stage 4 pressure sore.

The educational nursing article also includes the following statistics:

“Plaintiffs’ recovery amounts in lawsuits for nursing home residents with pressure ulcers have increased dramatically in the past few years. Investigation into 54 pressure ulcer lawsuit cases from September 1999 to April 2002 indicates that the average monetary recovery is more than $13.5 million when determined by a verdict or settlement. Residents received at least some recovery in 91 percent of the cases against nursing homes. Verdicts ranged from more than $3.35 million to an unbelievable $312 million in one case. In 56 percent of the cases, pressure ulcers contributed to a resident’s death. Malnutrition was noted as the major cause of pressure ulcers in 30 percent of the cases.”

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Pressure sores are a preventable negative health outcome. If someone you know developed a pressure sore, make sure to contact a qualified pressure sore lawyer to learn more about your potential pressure sore lawsuit.

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