Nurses Highlight Hospital Bedsore Issue

Synopsis: The importance of preventing decubitus ulcers was highlighted in an awareness week dedicated to the issue of pressure sores. Bedsores can affect up to 10 percent of patients admitted to hospitals.

“A LOCAL group of nurses highlighted the importance of preventing pressure ulcers last week and organised a dedicated Awareness Week.

The week involved the work of a large group of Tissue Viability Specialist Nurses from the Wiltshire, Swindon and Bath and North East Somerset communities, along with nurses from Great Western Hospital (GWH) and Royal United Hospital in Bath (RUH).

A pressure ulcer is sometimes called a bed sore or pressure sore; it is damage which has occurred to the skin as a result of prolonged pressure. They can affect up to 10 per cent of patients admitted to acute hospitals in the UK and those cared for in the community.

The group developed the MOVE campaign, which seeks to outline the important issues relating to pressure ulcer prevention: Movement, Observation, Voicing concerns, Eating well, and seeking Education.

Gill Wicks, Tissue Viability Consultant Nurse, works in the Community Tissue Viability Service at Trowbridge Hospital.

She said: “In 2011/12 we successfully reduced the number of pressure ulcers by 10 per cent in the community, and at GWH pressure ulcers were reduced by 20 per cent for 2011/12.” Specific posters and patient information leaflets were created to highlight the issues and show who patients should seek advice from.”

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