Decubitus Ulcer Jury Verdict of $1,900,000 in Mississippi

A Mississippi jury returned a massive $1,900,000 verdict against the Beverly Inglewood nursing home for nursing home neglect and abuse. The Plaintiff was neglect and permitted to fall numerous times, restricting her ability to ambulate independently (walk on her own). Additionally, the nursing home staff left her sitting in a chair for hours at time, resulting in the formation of a decubitus ulcer on her backside.

This type of nursing home neglect is inexcusable. This is why the Mississippi jury returned such a big verdict, in excess of $1 million. If you or a loved one have fallen in a nursing home or developed a decubitus ulcer (bedsore), contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately and explore your rights in bringing a decubitus ulcer lawsuit.

For a free consultation on your potential decubitus ulcer nursing home claim, callĀ (561) 316-7207 to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer now.

pressure sores go unreported due to elderly abuse

Elder abuse and nursing home neglect is an epidemic in this country. Abuse must be reported to hold the neglectful staff accountable.

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