What is an Ischial Decubitus Ulcer?

What is a decubitus ulcer on the ischium?

The ischium is the back lower portion of the hip bone. A decubitus ulcer is a breakdown in the skin, also known as a pressure sore or bedsore. In other words, ischial decubitus ulcer is medical jargon for pressure sores on a patient’s buttocks. Often times, staff will use technical terms like “decubitus ulcer on the ischium” as opposed to calling it a bedsore on the buttocks, to avoid facing responsibility for patient neglect.

Ischial Decubiti Stage 4

An ischium decubitus ulcer is a pressure sore on a wheelchair bound patient’s butt cheek

Ischial ulcers are common in wheelchair bound patients, because they sit in their chair for hours at a time. In order to prevent ischium wounds, nursing home staff or hospital nurses are required to reposition the wheel chair bound patients. If the patients are neglected and left to sit in their wheelchairs for hours at a time, ischium pressure sores develop.

Ischaemic ulcers are also common in patients with spinal cord injuries, such as paraplegics, quadriplegics, spin bifida and stroke patients. Many pressure sores develop as a result of the high pressure load encountered during wheelchair sitting (where the maximum pressures are reached underneath the ischial tuberosities). This location for pressure sores is most common in wheelchair bound nursing home patients.

Ischial decubiti are preventable! If you or a loved one developed an ischium decubitus ulcer due to neglect, do not let the abuse go unnoticed. Contact a decubitus ulcer lawyer and learn your rights regarding your potential ischial decubitus ulcer lawsuit.

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