How to Treat Decubitus Ulcers. Decubitus Ulcer Treatment Options.

Decubitus ulcer treatment can range from minimally invasive creams and dressings all the way to surgery. Ultimately, decubitus ulcer treatment depends on the depth and severity of the wound.

Skin Barrier Decubitus Ulcer Cream

Decubitus ulcer cream

Decubitus Ulcer Treatment Creams

Pressure sore creams and bedsore gels are commonly used to treat decubitus ulcer bedsores. This decubitus ulcer treatment option is effective when used as a skin barrier cream on Stage 1 pressure sores. Decubitus ulcer creams and ointments can also be helpful in disinfecting septic decubitus ulcer wounds.

Air Loss Mattress Decubitus Ulcer Treatment

Decubitus ulcer treatment option: low air mattress

Decubitus Ulcer Treatment: Special Low Air Mattress

Nursing homes and hospitals have specialized low air mattresses to reduce pressure on the effected area. Other types of special decubitus ulcer mattresses are alternating air pressure mattresses and pressure offloading air mattresses. This decubitus ulcer treatment option can be effective if the special air mattress is used early enough, before the wound becomes severe.

Treatment Options: Decubitus Ulcers

Wound vac decubitus ulcer treatment

Decubitus Ulcer Treatment: Wound Care Team

Surgical Debridement of Decubitus Ulcer Treatment

Debridement is a surgical decubitus ulcer treatment

If a decubitus wound is particularly bad, a “wound care team” may be called to a nursing home resident’s room to treat the bedsore. A wound care doctor is a part of the wound care team. (S)he can recommend surgical debridement for severe bedsores as well as plastic surgery to artificially close the wound. A wound vac may also be recommended to negate the pressure on the skin. These aggressive decubitus ulcer treatment options are usually only indicated with a severe pressure sore, like a Stage 4 decubitus ulcer, which may be life threatening.

What does Decubitus Ulcer Treatment Cost? Who Pays for Decubitus Ulcer Treatment?

Treatment for a pressure sore can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Sadly, a patient is forced to bear these costs on their own, despite the fact that decubitus ulcers are preventable. Because pressure sores are preventable, the elderly nursing home resident or their family should not bear the costs of the medical treatment for the bedsore.

If you know an elderly nursing home resident or hospital patient that developed a decubitus ulcer,  call 561-316-7207 or complete the decubitus ulcer case evaluator on the right. Speak with a pressure sore lawyer to determine if you are entitled to a monetary recovery for your decubitus ulcer treatment costs and your pain and suffering. Do not delay. Your case is subject to a strict statute of limitations period, meaning you can only bring your claim for a certain amount of time.

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