Decubitus ulcers (or pressure sores or bed sores) are preventable injuries to skin tissue. These pressure sore injuries open the body up to further infection and disease, often resulting in death or amputation. Pressure sores are broken down into 4 stages:

Pressure sores are also graded as “unstageable” meaning that the stage is not clear, usually because pus that may be yellow, gray, green, brown, or black is blocking the bottom of the sore. An “unstageable” pressure ulcer cannot be staged because the medical provider or nursing home staff member cannot see to the bottom of the wound crater.

It is very important for the nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility to photograph and document decubitus ulcer formation and progression. Often times, nursing homes or hospitals fail to photograph these wounds because they are caused by staff negligence. Do not let the staff conceal the wound from you. Demand that they share the decubitus ulcer photographs with you.

Pressure sores in patients are not OK. A decubitus ulcer lawsuit holds the negligent staffers responsible for their wrongdoing. If you or a loved one developed a decubitus ulcer, call 561-316-7207, email, or fill out the free case evaluation form on the right to see if you have a valuable decubitus ulcer case.

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