Healing Decubitus Ulcers Through Tube Feeding Nutritional Therapy

A recent medical study was conducted to see if enteral nutritional therapy (i.e. nutrition through tube feedings) can heal pressure ulcers. The results concluded that more decubitus ulcers healed in the test subjects that received the proper nutritional therapy versus those that did not.

Definition of Decubitus Ulcer and Enteral Nutrition Therapy

A decubitus ulcer, also known as a pressure ulcer or bed sore, is a damaged area of skin tissue from unrelieved pressure. Contributing factors for developing decubitus pressure ulcers are unrelieved pressure (staying in the same position for long periods of time), age, nutrition and circulation issues. If the patient is in a nursing home or hospital, it is the duty of the nurses to turn and reposition the patient in order to prevent pressure ulcers.

Enteral nutritional therapy, also referred to as “tube feeding,” is a milkshake-like liquid of nutrients. Enteral nutrition is given to patients who are unable to eat the right foods needed to help their body heal. Enteral tube feeding nutrition is administered via tube feedings into the stomach or small intestine.

Nutrition and its Effect on Decubitus Ulcers

Adequate nutrition and hydration is critical in allowing the skin to heal. Decubitus ulcers often indicate that a patient is not receiving enough food or water in a nursing home or hospital environment. This malnourishment and dehydration literally causes the skin to crack away, leaving gaping pressure sore wounds. It is for this reason that doctors utilize enteral nutrition therapy on patient’s with skin breakdown. A recent medical article compared hundreds of other studies in an attempt to answer the question: Are tube feedings helpful in healing decubitus ulcers?

Study Results on Pressure Ulcers and Tube Feedings

Enteral Nutrition and Pressure Ulcer Healing

The following tube feeding nutrition mixtures may heal decubitus ulcers.

The study, which analyzed over 500 other medical research studies on this narrow topic, analyzed whether certain nutritional mixtures of enteral tube feeding therapy resulted in quicker decubitus ulcer healing. Unfortunately, none of the results were overwhelming. All scientists agree that proper nutrition is key to preventing pressure sores and healing existing wounds, but it does not appear that there is a magic combination which heals wounds significantly quicker than others. It does appear that ENT with protein and micronutrient formulas are more therapeutic than most other enteral tube feeding nutrition cocktails when aiming to heal decubitus ulcers. Research into nutritional therapy and its healing of decubitus ulcers is ongoing.

Decubitus Ulcers: A Preventable Mistake

Decubitus ulcers are preventable through good nursing care. If you or a family member developed a decubitus ulcer, do something about the neglect. Speak with a decubitus ulcer lawyer today to learn about your potential pressure ulcer lawsuit. Call us at 561-316-7207 to speak with someone about your case today.

Enteral Nutrition and Bed Sores

Pressure ulcers are preventable through good care. Get your loved one proper nutrition through enteral tube supplements, then get justice for the elder neglect.

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