Pressure Sores on the Foot

Pressure sores on a patient’s foot are serious health issues. Feet pressure sores, also known as foot decubitus ulcers or foot bedsores, develop because a patient has unrelieved pressure on their feet. This unrelieved pressure can be caused by staff neglect, failure to turn and reposition the patient or due to the use of physical restraints. Patients at risk for foot pressure sores are paralyzed patients,

Pressure sores on the feet are a result of neglect

Pressure sores on the foot are a result of neglect

wheelchair bound patients, bed bound nursing home residents, patients who are unable to move without staff assistance and patients who are physically restrained to a bed or chair.

Foot Pressure Sores – Why??

Pressure sores on the feet result from bad care. We put our loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals for 24 hour care. Part of this 24 hour care requires that patients who cannot turn and reposition their weight get repositioned by staff members. That is why they are in the facility. If the staff fails to do this and leaves them in a chair, bed or restraint for too long, the at-risk patient will develop skin breakdown on their foot or feet. This skin breakdown will begin as a Stage 1 Foot Pressure Sore (redness to the heel or ankle). If left untreated, the foot pressure sore will continue to grow and deteriorate. A stage 3 foot ulcer or stage 4 foot ulcer should never occur (Medicare has deemed pressure sores as a “never” event).

Pressure Sores on the Feet – What’s the Big Deal?

Do not let the hospital nurse or nursing home staff minimize the presence of the feet pressure sores. They are grave health risks. A foot pressure sore is an open gateway to infection and disease. Many elderly nursing home or hospital patients are already in weakened compromised health. If a weakened elderly person has an open festering bedsore on their feet, the wound commonly gets infected. This infection can lead to amputation and even blood infections (known as Sepsis), which can cause death.

What Should I Do if I Find a Foot Pressure Sore on My Loved One?

The first thing is to tell a nurse. Make sure the foot wound gets treatment ASAP. If it does not get treatment, it can deteriorate into a Stage 4 foot pressure sore. Once you ensure the wound is treated, file a report with your state’s elder abuse or Department of Health. Make sure to retain an Elder Abuse Lawyer so that you can investigate your potential foot pressure sore lawsuit. If you would like a free consultation and case evaluation, please contact (561) 316-7207

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