Elbow Decubitus Ulcers – Pressure Sores on the Elbow

Pressure Sores on the Elbow develop due to neglect. Elbow decubitus wounds are a "never" event.

Pressure Sores on the Elbow develop due to neglect. Elbow decubitus wounds are a “never” event.

Did you or a loved one form a decubitus ulcer (also known as a pressure sore) on their elbow while living in a nursing home or hospital? Elbow decubitus pressure sores are caused by patient neglect. If pressure is left unrelieved on the elbow area for too long, and a patient is not strong enough to move the elbow on their own, the nursing home or hospital nurse must move the patient’s elbow and relieve the pressure.

How can a pressure sore form on an elbow? If a patient is wheelchair bound, they are usually resting some pressure on their elbows for many hours at a time. Even wheelchair bound patients need to be moved and taken out of their chair every few hours to prevent pressure sores. This is the law.  If a nursing home resident or hospital patient is left in their wheelchair for too long, they may develop an elbow decubitus ulcer. Similarly, if a bed-bound hospital or nursing home patient cannot get out of bed, they will experience pressure on their heels, buttocks, elbows, shoulders and head. If left in bed neglected for long periods of time, a bedbound patient can develop pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) on their elbow.

Elbow decubitus ulcers pose a serious health risk, especially in elderly vulnerable patients. Pressure sores on the elbow are open wounds. These elbow bedsores are a window to infection such as MRSA, bacteremia and sepsis. These diseases can lead to amputations around the elbow, above the elbow amputation and even death. If you know someone that has recently developed an elbow pressure sore, make sure to tell the on-site medical doctor or nursing home staff as soon as possible. The elbow pressure sore, depending on its stage, may require advanced wound care.

Pressure sores are a “never” event! If your family member developed an elbow pressure sore in a hospital or nursing home or ALF, report the abuse. Contact (561) 316-7207 for a free elbow decubitus ulcer consultation. To learn more about your potential elbow pressure sore lawsuit, click here.



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