Decubitus Ulcer Wound Care Bills – Who Pays? Will There Be a Lien?

So you’ve found out that you or a loved one has a decubitus ulcer (pressure sore) on their body. This open pressure wound will require costly wound care, debridements, pressure relieving devices and pressure sore creams. So who pays for these decubitus ulcer bills? The answer really depends on the patient’s insurance status. Most major insurance companies will cover some wound care related costs. Medicare and Medicaid will cover a portion of the pressure sore

Bills for preventable decubitus wound care add insult to injury

Bills for preventable decubitus wound care add insult to injury

bills as well. Some insurance companies will cover all pressure sore related expenses, but the majority of insurance payers require a copay on wound care costs. If the patient is required to live with the wound for months or years, wound care costs can exceed $100,000. Often times, the only solution for the patient’s family is to bring a decubitus ulcer lawsuit in order to recoup their out of pocket wound care expenses.

If I have a Decubitus Ulcer Case, Will the Insurance Company Claim a Lien on the Recovery? 

Most insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid will assert a lien on any pressure sore lawsuit recovery. What this means is that, if the patient who developed a pressure wound brings a pressure sore lawsuit, their insurance company will get a portion of what they paid back out of the lawsuit recovery. There are various statutory rules and case law that forbid a lien holder from taking the entire settlement, as it is understood a pressure sore plaintiff would not bring a lawsuit just to pay back insurance company liens. You should speak with a pressure sore lawyer in order to ensure that you maximize your lawsuit recovery while minimizing the wound care lien amount.

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