New Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Technology tells Nurses When to Turn Patient

Are decubitus ulcers preventable through technology? A recent article out of California says yes. At the 2014 Medicine X Conference, Dr. Barrett Larson explains a new nursing alert technology that will remind nursing home and hospital nurses when a patient needs to be turned and repositioned. As we discuss in other posts on this site, turning and repositioning is the most important defense against decubitus ulcer formation.

Decubitus Ulcer: Cost of Treatment and Decubitus Ulcer Statistics

The article estimates that we spend over $9 billion treating decubitus ulcers, which are preventable through good care. One out of every 30 hospital patients develop a decubitus ulcer in the US. Additionally, because these wounds are preventable, there is no reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid, because the wounds should not be there in the first place.

Leaf Patient Sensor Decubitus Ulcer Prevention

The Leaf Patient Sensor is an innovative technology aimed at preventing decubitus ulcers

Leaf Patient Monitoring System: The Wireless Decubitus Ulcer Prevention Technology

The new decubitus ulcer prevention technology is patented as the Leaf Patient Monitoring System. This device is wireless and clips on to the patient. The sensor on the Leaf Patient Monitoring System collects the patient’s movement data which is transmitted to a central monitoring system, likely placed at the nurses’ station. The Leaf Patient Monitoring System then alerts nurses and staff when a patient needs to be repositioned.The FDA has cleared the Leaf Patient Monitoring System for use in the United States to prevent decubitus ulcers. Leaf Healthcare, Inc. is the creator and owner of this exciting new technology. A full copy of the article can be found here.

Decubitus Ulcer Found on a Family Member: What do I do?

Decubitus ulcers should never occur. If you have the unfortunate luck of having one, or having a loved one develop a decubitus ulcer, you should seek justice through a decubitus ulcer investigatory lawsuit. CallĀ (561) 316-7207 for a free decubitus ulcer case evaluation.


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