Decubitus Ulcers Cost Billions to Healthcare

We all know that decubitus ulcers are preventable, but what is the cost each year of decubitus ulcers? How much do decubitus ulcers cost our American healthcare system?

The True Cost of Decubitus Ulcers to our Healthcare System

A recent Insurance News Net article discusses the increasing cost that decubitus ulcers (pressure sores, bed sores) put on America’s healthcare system. The article discusses that decubitus ulcers impact 2.5 million patients in the US each year. These pressure sores cost our healthcare system an astonishing $9.1 to $11.6 billion, with a ‘b’. That is 11,000,000,000 dollars spent each year on pressure sores. This breaks down to an estimated $43,180 in extra wound-related medical care for each patient with a pressure sore.

Decubitus Ulcers: Preventable Healthcare Costs

Worst of all, these pressure sores are preventable through good nursing home and hospital care. If a patient is turned and repositioned properly, decubitus ulcers should not develop. This is why CMS and Medicare/Medicaid refuse to reimburse hospitals and nursing homes for in house acquired decubitus ulcer. The reason being is that decubitus ulcers are a never event, meaning they should never occur.

What Do I Do if I Discover a Pressure Ulcer?

If you or a family member developed a decubitus ulcer in an ALF, nursing home or hospital, call 561.316.7207 for a free decubitus ulcer lawsuit evaluation. For a full link to the article, click here.

Preventable Pressure Sores Cost Billions in Healthcare

Preventable decubitus ulcers add billions in healthcare costs

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