Decubitus Ulcers in Hospitals – A sign of Hospital Patient Neglect

Decubitus ulcers in hospitals should not occur. Hospital decubitus ulcers have been declared a “never” event in American healthcare; meaning the US government determined hospital decubitus ulcers should never occur.

Hospital Decubitus Ulcers

Hospitals are acute care facilities; they are supposed to provide the highest amount of care to their

Decubitus Ulcers in Hospital Patients

Decubitus ulcers in hospital patients develop due to neglect

patients. Decubitus ulcers form when patients are neglected by hospital staff. Literally, a hospital decubitus ulcer is skin breakdown that occurs when a patient is not turned and repositioned every 2 hours. Hospital staff is aware of the need for this frequent turning and repositioning. When the hospital staff is overworked and underpaid, patients get neglected. If a patient is left in bed or a wheelchair for hours at a time, decubitus ulcers will form on their buttocks, coccyx, sacrum, elbows and heels.

Decubitus Ulcers in Hospitals: Prevention

Hospital decubitus ulcers are easy to prevent through adequate care. This usually includes turning and repositioning the patient at least every 2 hours. Other preventative measures include specialized pressure reducing air mattresses, hospital decubitus ulcer creams and decubitus ulcer skin checks.

Hospital Decubitus Ulcers: Treatment

Once a decubitus ulcer forms in a hospital patient, there are a variety of treatment options. Hospital decubitus ulcer sufferers can opt for application of decubitus ulcer creams, a specialized decubitus ulcer mattress or a surgical decubitus ulcer debridement.

What to Do if Your Loved One Developed a Decubitus Ulcer in a Hospital

There is no excuse for hospital decubitus ulcers. If you or a loved one developed a decubitus ulcer in a hospital, do not let the patient neglect go unreported.

1. Contact our qualified hospital decubitus ulcer lawyers at (561) 316-7207
2. File a hospital decubitus ulcer lawsuit 
3. Hold the neglectful hospital staff accountable



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