Decubitus Ulcer Photos – Stage 1 through Stage 4

Decubitus ulcers are graded from Stage 1 (the smallest decubitus ulcer) to Stage 4 (the most severe decubitus ulcer). Photos of decubitus ulcers are necessary in order to understand the difference between a Stage 4 decubitus ulcer and a Stage 3 decubitus ulcer. The below decubitus ulcer staging chart has 4 photos; each representing a different decubitus ulcer stage.

Decubitus ulcer staging chart

Click here for 4 photos of decubitus ulcer stages shows the difference between decubitus ulcer stages

If your loved one has the unfortunate reality of suffering with a decubitus ulcer, don’t remain silent. Decubitus ulcers form due to patient neglect. Contact a decubitus ulcer lawyer to learn more about your rights in filing decubitus ulcer lawsuit.

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