Patients At Risk for Decubitus Ulcers

Has your family member suffered from a decubitus ulcer (pressure sore) while a hospital patient or a nursing home resident? Decubitus ulcers are preventable breakdown of a patient’s skin. Decubitus ulcers form in at-risk patients due to patient neglect and abuse. If an at risk patient is neglected for hours at a time in the same position, they will develop decubitus ulcers in the following areas of their body:

Decubitus ulcers form in the following spots on a patient's body

Risk factors: Decubitus ulcers form in the following spots on a patient’s body

So how do you know if your loved one is at risk for developing decubitus ulcers? Here are some risk factors associated with decubitus ulcer formation.

Decubitus Ulcer Formation Risk Factors:

1. The patient cannot move on their own.
2. The patient is bedridden or chair ridden. They cannot move position without staff assistance.
3. The patient cannot control their bladder or bowel function.
4. The patient is dehydrated or malnourished.
5. The patient is underweight or overweight.
6. The patient recently suffered a stroke, paralysis or has diabetes.
7. The patient has “thin skin” or fragile skin.
8. The patient suffers from dementia.
9. The patient takes steroids.
10. The patient is medicated with mind altering medications.

If you know someone who developed a decubitus ulcer in a nursing home or hospital; report the abuse. Contact a decubitus ulcer lawyer and explore your options in pursuing a decubitus ulcer lawsuit. For a free decubitus ulcer case consultation, callĀ (561) 316-7207.



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