Why bring a Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit? It’s about exposing patient neglect. Decubitus ulcers (or pressure sores) are preventable by good care. According to the US government, decubitus ulcers should never occur. Unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable patients who cannot complain about the negligent care they receive. This is known as nursing home abuse or hospital patient neglect. Patients get neglected when nurses are understaffed and overworked. When nurses are too busy, they ignore the most vulnerable patients, who in turn develop bedsores (decubitus ulcers). This is why decubitus ulcer lawsuits get filed. Because pressure sores are so preventable, decubitus ulcer lawsuits may be valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call us today to speak with a decubitus ulcer lawyer for free about your case; 561- 316-7207.

Generally, suing the nursing home or hospital where the bedsore formed is the only way the family can get justice for the elder abuse and neglect. With the right pressure sore lawyer, decubitus ulcer victims and their families can recover past medical expenses, future wound care costs and pain and suffering. The first step in stopping elder neglect is reporting it. A bedsore lawsuit allows you to confront the facility staff and owners who neglected your loved one.

Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit: Death Certificate Sepsis

Death Certificate in Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit Listing Cause of Death as Decubitus Ulcer

Nursing home staff or hospital nurses may minimize the health hazards of a bedsore. They may conceal the wound so they do not get blamed. Do not be manipulated. Pressure sores are a gateway of infection and disease and can lead to catastrophic health problems; even death. Always check your elderly loved one for any skin breakdown when you visit them in the hospital or nursing home. When you see a decubitus ulcer, it is important that you promptly report the wound to staff members. Tell the nursing home director about the bedsore. Tell the hospital floor nurse about the bedsore. Tell the consulting doctor. Call an outside wound care team and alert them to the bedsore. Do not let the staff responsible for the neglect hide the pressure sore and further injure your loved one.

Once your loved one is in good care, it is important you contact a qualified nursing home neglect attorney who handles pressure sore lawsuits. Nobody likes to sue, but in the case of decubitus ulcers, a decubitus ulcer lawsuit is the only way the family can shed light on the elder neglect. All too often, pressure sore injuries and deaths go unreported. Those responsible get off scot free and vulnerable patients continue dying. Without legal intervention, the cycle of abuse and neglect continues. The National Center on Elder Abuse statistics show that for every 1 elder abuse complaint that gets reported, 5 go unreported. Do not remain silent on patient neglect. Decubitus ulcers should not develop if patients are turned and repositioned properly. A decubitus ulcer lawsuit holds those accountable who neglected the vulnerable patent.

pressure sores go unreported due to elderly abuse

Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuits Ensure Accountability

Unfortunately, in some patients, the family learns of the decubitus ulcers too late. We speak with many clients who received a death certificate (like the one above) listing “decubitus ulcer” as the cause of death. This would be considered a wrongful death pressure sore case. In a wrongful death decubitus ulcer lawsuit, the surviving family members bring the case on behalf of the deceased victim. In some states, the damages in a wrongful death decubitus ulcer lawsuit include the pain and suffering of the surviving family members. Other states allow for the value of the decedent’s life. If the decubitus ulcer victim survives the bedsore, family member’s can usually bring a decubitus ulcer lawsuit for the victim’s pain and suffering.

Most people have never heard of a decubitus ulcer so they assume it is a complex medical diagnosis. Decubitus ulcer is medical jargon for pressure sore or bedsore. Medical providers and nurses use the technical term for pressure sore, “decubitus ulcer”, to conceal the real cause of the nursing home resident’s decline — patient neglect. Do not let a nursing home or hospital fast talk you into missing the truth. Report the abuse, demand answers, contact a decubitus ulcer attorney and file a pressure sore lawsuit against the nursing home or hospital.

Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit Evaluation

Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit Evaluation

Free Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit Evaluation

We are decubitus ulcer lawyers. Our elder abuse law firm was created with the intention of helping victims of caretaker neglect in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Curious to learn what your options are after learning about this terrible injury? Want to know what your potential decubitus ulcer lawsuit is worth? We are happy to speak with you for free about your potential options. Our qualified decubitus ulcer lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. We do not get paid unless we collect a settlement or verdict for you. Give us a call to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer or hospital neglect attorney for free at 561- 316-7207, or fill out the free case evaluator form on the right.

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