What type of Decubitus Ulcer cream should I use?

Decubitus Ulcer Cream Selection

How do you know which decubitus ulcer cream to choose? The short answer is it depends on the depth and severity of the decubitus ulcer. Most decubitus ulcer creams are used to heal minor, superficial decubitus wounds, like a Stage II decubitus ulcer. More severe decubitus wounds, like Stage IV decubitus ulcers, may require prescription decubitus ulcer creams in addition to surgical debridements or specialized decubitus ulcer mattresses. Major categories of skin-care products include lotions, foams, zinc oxide pastes, gels, and alignates.

Creams for Minor Decubitus Ulcers (Stage I and II)


Apply a lotion-based decubitus ulcer cream to a Stage I or Stage II decubitus ulcer. These minor wounds should have skin intact or, at the worst, a small opening of the skin. These lotion based decubitus ulcer creams will moisturize the effected skin area and keep the skin intact.


Apply a Zinc oxide based decubitus ulcer cream to the Stage I or Stage II decubitus ulcer. In a circular fashion, massage a 25-35% zinc oxide decubitus ulcer cream to the low Stage decubitus ulcer.

In more severe, gaping wounds, a zinc oxide decubitus ulcer cream can be applied to the outer area of an open wound.

Decubitus Ulcer Creams for more Severe, Stage III and IV Decubitus Ulcers


Apply a hydrogel based decubitus ulcer cream into an open stage III or IV decubitus wound so that there is a circular, thin hydrogel cream layer over the effected skin area. Make sure to apply the hydrogel based decubitus ulcer cream to any areas of the decubitus ulcer that show drainage.


Apply a dressing made of alginate to the base of a Stage IV decubitus ulcer wound bed. If the Stage IV decubitus ulcer wound bed is deep or continuously draining, additional decubitus ulcer cream and/or alignate dressing may be necessary to keep the wound clean of infection.


Layer a dressing made of lightweight foam dressing to the Stage III or Stage IV decubitus ulcer. This foam will also keep the decubitus ulcer clean and prevent the spread of infection from the draining stage IV decubitus ulcer.

Where Do I Buy Decubitus Ulcer Creams?

We do not sell decubitus ulcer creams but a simple google search will assist you in finding the right decubitus cream to properly manage your bedsore. Be careful not to purchase the wrong decubitus ulcer cream, simply because the company website says it will help the wound. Most prescription decubitus ulcer creams, gels and foams require a doctor’s prescription. When in doubt, make sure to consult with a decubitus ulcer wound care doctor.

How Do I Pay for Decubitus Ulcer Creams?

Unfortunately, decubitus ulcers are preventable by good care. Because decubitus ulcers are such preventable tragedies, victims of decubitus ulcers are able to file a decubitus ulcer lawsuit to re-claim the money spent on decubitus ulcer creams, medical care, as well as the pain and suffering associated with these sores. If you have a decubitus ulcer, make sure to learn more about a decubitus ulcer lawsuit by speaking with our decubitus ulcer attorney.

Your rights are limited to a finite amount of time. Do not delay, make sure to speak about your decubitus ulcer lawsuit today by filing out the form to your right or calling us at (561) 316-7207



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