Decubitus Ulcers Detectable By NASA’s Mars Scanner

A handheld scanner, built by NASA to detect life on Mars is now being used by doctors to detect a decubitus ulcer before it develops.

Mars Scanner Can Detect Decubitus Ulcers in patients

What is a Decubitus Ulcer?

A decubitus ulcer is the medical term for a bed sore or pressure sore. These largely preventable injuries can be stopped by repositioning at-risk patients. In other words, if a immobilized nursing home or hospital patient cannot flip from side to side by themselves, the nurses should reposition them in bed every 2 hours.

Causes of Bed Sores

Unrelieved pressure causes bed sores

NASA’s Mars Scanner

NASA created its handheld Mars scanner to detect life on the red planet for its 2008 Phoenix spacecraft mission. The way it works is simple: the scanner looks for moisture related through SEM technology (Sub-Epidermal Moisture) to seek out potentially living organisms on Mars.

Can Martian Technology Recognize Decubitus Ulcers Before They Occur?

Doctors believe so. The handheld NASA scanner is placed on areas of the skin where decubitus ulcer wounds commonly occur (the lower back, sacrum and heels). The sub-epidural scanner then measures changes in moisture levels in the pressure sore-prone area and gives an immediate risk factor score. The SEM scanner emits an electrical current through the skin surface and, depending on the amount of electrical resistance, it is able to report changes under the skin that will lead to a pressure sore developing.

Preventing Decubitus Ulcers Through Technology

With so many hospital and nursing home residents suffering fatal consequences after developing decubitus ulcers, this new moisture-gauge technology is an exciting advance in the war against pressure sore development. Once doctors and nurses know a decubitus ulcer wound is developing internally, experts say they have an 80-90% chance or preventing further skin breakdown through appropriate intervention.

How are Decub Wounds Prevented?

Preventing a decubitus ulcer is not rocket science. You do not need NASA to create a moisture detection device either. To prevent wounds in bedbound patients, you need enough staff to turn and reposition the patient every 2 hours. If the nurses appropriately turn the patient, you do not need fancy air mattresses or Martian-life detecting technology. An appropriate turning schedule followed by caring nurses will do the trick.

Decubitus Ulcer Lawsuit

Almost all decubitus ulcers are preventable injuries. If you or a loved one developed a decubitus ulcer inside a nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility, contact our decubitus ulcer lawyers today for your free consultation. You may be entitled to money damages through a Decubitus Ulcer lawsuit.

Why do Decubitus Ulcers Occur?

Decubitus ulcer lawsuit info.

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