Could Cephalexin, Neupogen together cause Decubitus ulcer?

Synopsis: Certain drugs may increase the chances of getting a Decubitus Ulcer, also known as a pressure sore or bed sore.

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This is a post-marketing study of Decubitus ulcer (Pressure ulcer) among people who take Cephalexin, Neupogen. The study is created by eHealthMe based on 15 reports from FDA and user community.
What are the drugs
Cephalexin has active ingredients of cephalexin. It is used in infection, urinary tract infection, cellulitis, antibiotic level, otitis, strep throat.

Neupogen has active ingredients of filgrastim. It is used in agranulocytosis.

On Jul, 30, 2012: 193 people reported to have side effects when taking Cephalexin, Neupogen. Among them, 15 people (7.77%) have Decubitus Ulcer.

Gender of people who have Decubitus ulcer when taking the drugs * :
Female Male
Decubitus ulcer 93% 7%”

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