Corporate Shell Game – Nursing Home Insurance Policies

Corporate-owned for-profit nursing homes often commit malpractice and neglect residents, causing painful pressure sores and falls.

When these nursing homes are asked to pay for their negligence, they cry poor and produce a minimal $50,000 “depleting insurance policy.” Generally speaking, these minimal “insurance” policies are anything but insurance. They are a part of a larger nursing home corporate shell game in which the facility attempts to hide it’s assets by shuttling Medicare/Medicaid dollars into dummy companies.

Nursing home owners (the money people) will open a series of “different” corporations that claim to be unrelated. However, one of these corporations will own the nursing home, one will “manage” the nursing home, one will serve as a “third party consultant” to the nursing home and one will be an “insurance” provider to the nursing home. In reality, all the corporations are owned by the same group and all profits eventually flow upstream to the money people.

Staffing is sadly where the profits are made. Nursing homes pack their facilities with high-needs patients and understaff the facility with skeleton staff levels. Critical understaffing in nursing home leads to neglect, pressure sores, unexplained falls, broken hips and decubitus ulcers.

Nursing Home owners could care less about your administrative complaints. They only care about the bottom line profit. If your loved one has been injured while a resident in a nursing home, contact a qualified Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to see if you have a nursing home neglect claim.┬áImpact what they care about — take their money and teach them a lesson.

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