Bedsore Cause of Death

Bedsores can cause a patient’s death. Bedsores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, can cause death for a number of reasons. Primarily, bedsores are a health risk because they can lead to sepsis and infection. When a bedsore gets infected, it can cause death once the infection spreads to vital organs or to the blood. Sepsis, as listed on a death certificate, is an infection in the blood. This is one of the many bedsore causes of death.

Bedsore Listed as Cause of Death on Death Certificate

Death Certificate listing bedsore as cause of death

Death Certificate listing bedsore as cause of death

When a patient dies, the family (or the informant) will receive a death certificate. On the death certificate, there will typically be a space for “Cause of Death.” In bedsore cases, the “Cause of Death” will typically be listed as “Infection” “Sepsis” or “Multi-Organ Failure.” Underneath the “Cause of Death” portion, there will usually be a portion titled “Contributing Factors” or “Contributing Injury.” In bedsore lawsuits, this paragraph will typically list “Bedsore” “Pressure Ulcer” or “Decubitus Ulcer” as the contributing injury. To the right is an example of a death certificate listing a bedsore as the cause of death.

What do I do if my Loved One Dies from a Bedsore?

Bedsores develop and cause death as a direct result of patient neglect. If your family member developed a bedsore which caused their death in a nursing home or hospital, you should hold the nurses accountable. If someone you know experienced a death caused by a bedsore, do not let the neglect go unpunished. Speak with a qualified bedsore attorney about your rights in filing a wrongful death bedsore lawsuit.

If you would like to speak with a bedsore attorney for a free wrongful death bedsore lawsuit evaluation, please call (561) 316-7207.


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