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Care For Bed Sores – Bedsore Care

A bedsore (also known by the medical term, decubitus ulcer) is preventable skin breakdown that develops when a patient is not turned and repositioned properly. Hospitals classify bedsores as a “never event”; meaning they should never occur. Bedsore care is required after a bedsore surfaces in the patient when a nursing home or hospital failed to prevent bedsores. Bedsore care information is integral in ensuring the bedsore improves, stays clean and does not pose a health risk to the patient.

Bedsore Care – Different Levels of Care Depending on the Bedsore

The level of care provided for bedsores depends on the severity of the bedsore. A stage 1 bedsore is a redness in the skin. A stage 1 bedsore does not require intensive wound care. A Stage 1 bedsore should resolve with proper offloading, repositioning and nursing care. In contrast, a Stage 4 bedsore requires extensive wound care and possibly even surgery. For more information on bedsore staging, click here.

Bedsore Care Treatment Options

Bedsores pose a grave health risk, especially in elderly victims. Bedsores can act as an open door to lethal infections like sepsis, osteomyelitis and MRSA. Regardless of the bedsore stage, bedsores require immediate care. If you are lucky enough to only have a Stage 1 bedsore, bedsore care is necessary to prevent the deterioration of the bedsore into an open festering wound. If you suffer from a Stage 3 bedsore or a Stage 4 bedsore, bedsore care is crucial to keep the wound clean and free of infection.

Bedsore Care for Less Developed (Stage 1 and Stage 2) Bedsores Include:

– frequent turning and repositioning
– a bedsore preventative program to be put in place by the nursing home or hospital
bedsore care creams to promote intact skin and moisturize the affected bedsore area
– a bedsore care prevention mattress. Click here to learn more about specialized bedsore care mattresses.
– Proper hydration and nutrition in the patient to prevent further bedsore development

Stage 3 and Stage 4 Bedsore Care Options:

Debridement of the bedsore
– Plastic Surgery of the bedsore to permanently close off the wound
– Meticulous cleaning of the bedsore
– 24 hour bed-bound restriction to keep the patient out of a wheelchair

Bedsore care and treatment is not a standard outcome of being hospitalized or in a nursing home — bedsores are a surefire sign of patient neglect.

If you or someone you know suffers with a bedsore as a result of patient neglect, do not remain silent on the abuse. Contact Michael, a bedsore lawyer, at 561.316.7207 to learn more about your potential bedsore lawsuit. 

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